Best 3D printer evaluation and review

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Evaluation product: cr-10 large size 3D printer

Assessment time: June 2018

Evaluation participation: host RACHEL, cross-border office stationery sales Lily


RACHEL: shenzhen chuangxiang 3D technology co., LTD. Is an internationally renowned 3D printer manufacturer and a pioneer in the development and mass production of domestic hot melt deposition (FDM) and photocurable (DLP)3D printers. Company has been committed to the market application of 3 d printers, for individuals, families, schools, businesses provide a comprehensive, effective and affordable 3 d printing to meet every creative to the requirement of efficiency, quality, and rapid prototyping.

Today, the company brings us cr-10 large-size 3D printers, which we will analyze from the following aspects for the reference of cross-border sellers.

Product evaluation: appearance design, detail design, material guarantee

Market assessment: cost performance, market potential, e-commerce capabilities, customer feedback

Supply evaluation: basic qualification, new product supply, flexible production, factory inspection report


Host RACHEL: the creative 3d cr-10 is sold at 10,000 units/month in the international market, and the price is generally between 220USD and 900USD. In addition, cr-10 adopts highly integrated modules with large print size, high precision and stability, and is cost-effective. It has high sales volume and reputation worldwide.

Currently, the number of video of cr-10 on YouTube reaches 11.2 million, and it has high reputation and many loyal fans, becoming a phenomenal 3D printer.


It also has the following advantages:

Large build size. The single printing molding size is 300mm * 300mm * 400mm. After assembly, the printing can be larger than expected.

Package upgrade, stable and reliable: package delivery solves the problem of large size transportation, and the assembly is simple and convenient in only 10 minutes;

Industrial circuit board: continuous printing for 200 hours without pressure, stable technical maturity;

The new MK10 nozzle patented extrusion mechanism: it can print almost all the printing consumables on the market without plugging the nozzle.

Create the printing size at will: separate the electrical control mainframe from the mechanical structure, expand your imagination, and create the printing size of various specifications at will.

Linear bearing system: high precision imported profile + precision pulley with high precision positioning, smooth movement, faster printing speed.

It is worth mentioning that the FDM prototyping on market and other 3 d printing products, compared the safety and convenience of CR – 10, is cannot replace other products, very suitable for application of text, custom DIY, mold manufacturing, industrial design, and other fields; The cr-10 series is also included in the Cura3.0 model setting, the first time a 3D printer has been included in the software under its own brand. At the same time, in the famous distributed 3 d printing platform 3 dhubs published scores the highest level desktop 3 d printer, CR – 10 3 d printers as well the top several quarters in a row!

Dimension 1: the appearance design is variable

Dimension 2: detail design

Dimension 3: texture assurance


Host RACHEL: next, invite Lily to analyze and market the products for you.

Cross-border office stationery sales Lily: according to the report, released BCCResearch said that the rise of mass customization, as well as aerospace, automobile and medical field demand promotes the growth of 3 d printing materials market. The global 3D printing material market is expected to grow at an annual compound rate (CAGR) of 22.8 per cent by 2023, when it could be worth $2.4bn, according to the report.

So in terms of different markets, are printers differentiated and what are the current consumer trends?

Factory feedback: in 3 d printing, curing light 3 d printers began to rise, from the first generation of laser scanning the SLA, the rising star of DLP digital projection, to the latest LCD light source, light curing technology showed strong competitiveness, especially in the case of 3 d print quality and precision.

In addition, the printer is combined with education, but also to the inevitable trend of era development, the future, as devised three dimensional will continue to improve the education class 3 d printers, through 3 d printer, let the children head gush brain imagination, not only can stay on the paper creative, also can in the shortest possible time to become real, let the classroom become the paradise of students achieve unlimited creativity.

According to our data, at present, the international market is mainly focused on the high cost performance of cr-10, and some high-end high-tech environmental protection products, such as education institutions, are mainly used in China.

Customer feedback: “creative 3D printers in the market reputation, quality is worth expecting, has cooperated many times, will continue to cooperate in the future!”


Host RACHEL: ask Lily to rate the product on the cross-border e-commerce market.

Cross-border office stationery sales Lily:

Dimension 1: cost performance tests

Dimension 2: market potential

Dimension 3: e-commerce’s ability to stretch the economy’s capacity

Dimension 4: the customer’s feedback counts for the second quarter


Host RACHEL: shenzhen chuangxiang 3d technology co., LTD. ‘s supply qualification has also been rigorously assessed. See the data.

1. Basic qualification: the total production site of the company is nearly 20,000 square meters, and the staff has expanded to more than 300 employees. In addition the company is the first to add material manufacturing (3 d) printing companies and research practice education alliance members, gold card members, national innovation center has been through the national high-tech enterprises, China famous brand, China’s independent innovation brand, ISO9001 certification, has dozens of desktop level, industrial, education level 3 d printers. Self-owned brand “Creality3D”

(the test, uh, is that

2. New product supply: the update period is 3 months. Samples and materials of new products can be provided free of charge. The delivery period is 1-5 days.

(it’s measuring: that’s the number of seconds.)

Three, flexible production: support OEM/ODM/OBM, monthly production more than 15000 units, equipped with advanced large r&d center and 3 d printing laboratory, 16 modern production line, with four 24-hour professional test line and strict quality control system, from the source to ensure product quality. Support one consignment and mixed batch.

(the test, uh, is that

Iv. Factory inspection report: yes, and also support field inspection.


After this assessment, we concluded that the indexes of cr-10 large-size 3D printers are as follows:

Well, the quality index of the product

The comprehensive competitiveness of the product

The overall strength of the supply chain

Supply composite score: 83

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